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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tropics. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: new hampshire's division for children youth and families will be getting a top to bottom review after another toddler's death. good evening. i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the mother of a, has been charged with murder. it raises concerns about dcyf's involvement before the death. jean: the attorney general says he found some concerning patterns and at the request of the governor an expert will be brought in to take a closer look. this comes just shy of a month after 21-month-old sadence willott was killed. she was found unresponsive at her bell month street home and later died at the hospital. her mother kaitlin paquette was arrested saturday. prior to her death, dcyf was involved with the family and in
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an initial review the attorney general looked into that case as well as other child deaths in the state. >> i think it is fair to say that we can do better, and we should take this moment in time, while we are mourning sadie and other children to recommit ourselves to protecting our children and valuing them in action as well as in words, and that's what this review is about. jean: the governor says one area of focus will be balancing the case loads. josh: a former catholic priest convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy will soon be released from prison. ronald paquin spent more than a decade in prison for assaults that happened across new england including here in new hampshire. shelley walcott us here to explain why prosecutors say they cannot stand in the way of his release. reporter: that's right.
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to stop ronald paquin's release because experts who examined him say he's no longer sexually dangerous. back in 2002 paquin pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 12-year-old altar boy over three years. he admitted to committing as many as 50 sexual assaults in massachusetts, maine and new hampshire. at the time paquin was an associate pastor and took the boy on out of state shopping and camping trips. county prosecutors tried to have him committed as a sexually dangerous person, but the d.a. says he had no choice but to withdraw that petition after experts say he no longer posed any threat. it's not clear when he'll be released from prison. jean: hurricane joaquin is slamming the bahamas tonight, the category 4 storm has ripped off roofs and pulled up trees as it passes over the islands. right now the coast guard is
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searching for a 735-foot cargo ship with 33 people on board. it disappeared on its way to puerto rico. before losing communication the crew of the al faro told officials they had taken on water but the flooding was contained. the effects of the storm on the northeast may not be as bad as feared. let's go to kimberly van scoy from our sister station wxii on north carolina's outer banks tonight. reporter: mother nature is making for a very mess by day here in nag's head along north carolina's outer banks. as you can see behind me, the ocean is really churning. but things could be a lot worse. no evacuations here and people really seem to be going on with life as usual. we saw a woman out jogging today. i spoke with georgia ellis with emergency management, she says they have a sense that joaquin will stay off the coast. but they still do have some
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concerns. the main concern is beach erosion at kitty hawk and hatteras island. they had a lot of rainfall last weekend and they're getting a lot today. and even though joaquin isn't going to be making landfall, they still awed advise people to stay off the roads to weather the storm. jean: thanks, kimberly. looks like the worst of the storm will head out to sea, sparing new england. hayley lapoint has the latest forecast. hayley: that is good news there, this storm just at 5:00 downgraded to a koot gore 3 hurricane now, so weakening a little over the past few hours. i want to get you up to date on exactly what's going on, now the winds are 125 miles per hour. it's moving due north very slowly, about 7 miles per hour. so here's the latest track from the national hurricane center. you notice a big difference if you watched us yesterday at this time. now this thing really pulling to
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from the u.s., including new hampshire, of course, which is all very good news. shouldn't be any big worry for us as this thing moves away. here's the scoop on what's happening right now though. lots of cloud and you might be getting wet in the southern part of the state, a few showers there, basically south of manchester. we're running into a few rain showers. temperatures have been awfully cool. we only got into the 50's today and if you're heading out for any friday night football festivities or the deerfield fair, be prepared for some cool temperatures and a couple of showers, especially for those more southern games. i'll have more on the forecast in a couple minutes. josh: the governor of oregon says something needs to be done to stop mass shootings after a gunman killed nine people at a community college yesterday. today authorities searched the gunman's apartment and witnesses are talking about what they saw and heard. abc's lauren lyster is in oregon with the latest. reporter: the gunman's apartment complex today still guarded by police, and residents remain on
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edge. >> it was scary when you first heard about the shooting, but it's different when you find out that he lived next-door to you. reporter: atf reporting seven weapons were recovered here at the shooter's residence where me lived with his mother, six at the school where the shooting took place. families of the victims bracing for the worst. >> these families are currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. reporter: the governor today expressing pride in the community. >> i am proud of how the roseburg community pulled together to care for and comfort each other during this horrific crisis. reporter: the suspected shooter, identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer, is seen here in his myspace photo, he allegedly opened fire on the campus late thursday morning. >> we've got multiple gunshot wounds. reporter: police officers facing off with the gunman. >> he's in the classroom. reporter: but today tales of
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heroism emerging, witnesses say 30-year-old student and army vet chris minsk charged straight at the gunman. he's out of the surgery now recovering from seven gun gunshot wounds. we're learning more about the gunman, the army confirms he served a little over a month of basic training back in 2008 before being discharged. no word on why. authorities are still looking for the motive, and the college remain closed. josh: meanwhile his heroic actions during another terror attack may have saved the life of one student there. alek skarlatos is one of the men who helped stop an attack on a french train this summer, he was enrolled at the college, he wasn't on campus yesterday because he was rehearsing for "dancing with the stars" in california. when skarlatos heard about the shooting he immediately booked a ticket home. >> i was actually in the studio
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with lindsey, dancing, and i got a text from one of my friends telling me what had happened so i looked it up on the internet to confirm it, and i was just in total shock and i just sat down for a second, and then hit the bathroom so the cameras couldn't see me. josh: he says he doesn't personally know anyone who was killed or wounded, but he is certainly mindful that other people can't say the same. can you follow all the developments out of oregon on and on twitter. we'll have the latest from our affiliates on the west coast. at 6:30, tune in to world news for a live report from oregon. jean: it appears a plea deal is in the works for a former seabrook police officer caught on video slamming a suspect's head into the wall at the station. richardson's crime carries a possible jail term of two to five years.
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verdict at his trial in may. a retrial set for monday morning will now be a plea hearing. we do have a traffic alert now on 101, a tractor trailer has rolled over near exit 12, slowing things down in that area, near exit 12 on route 101. for a closer look on that spot and the rest of your evening commute -- josh: we're joined by peggy james. >> thank you, josh and jean. yes, things were at a stand still on 101 eastbound due to that accident, just after exit 12 before you get to 95. we see from the department of transportation that that has been cleared out, but still a lot residual delays on 101 at this time, so expect backup there's. 95 if you get yourself over to 95, it's actually moving well in and through the hampton tolls both north and southbound. going to 93 northbound if you're coming up from the massachusetts border, you do have a slow ride
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and things ease out a bit as you approach manchester. in the queen city, 293 is a good ride both north and southbound. moving north towards the hooksett tolls on 93 you've got a lot of traffic, very heavy from manchester to concord, you're slow through the hooksett stretch and the bow junction. concord 93 northbound is heavy. so far 89 is a good ride. lots of company on the everett turnpike north and south. and 101 west you have your usual stop and go light cycle delays through bedford. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. josh: thanks. jean: still ahead, john kasich picked up a key endorsement in the granite state today. josh: ted cruz also in new hampshire today getting some support in his recent disputes with kelly ayotte. hayley: a storm system off the coastline has been wavering back and forth keeping clouds and
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showers around here, i'll have more on the full weekend forecast coming up. jean: at 5:30 a new teachers contract means a new schedule for manchester schools, how parents and students will have to adjust their routines. >> the growing heroin epidemic hits home in sanbornville with needles found on the local el pen tary school's playground. the pro-active steps the school
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jean: two of six u.s. airmen killed in a plane crash in afghanistan were deployed out of massachusetts. the crash happened just after midnight on thursday. five civilians also on board were killed. the names of all the airmen are being withheld until their families have been notified. the two airmen from hanscom were part of the 66th security forces squadron. josh: commitment 2016 now, republican presidential candidate john kasich is in the granite state as he continues his push toward the white house. that included a boost this morning in new hampshire with the endorsements of former senator humphrey. after accepting that backing, however, kasich turned the talk to syria and called on the white
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house and congress to take the lead in establishing sanctuaries for the refugees and enforcing it with no-fly zones. >> i will tell you that if anybody were to enter that no-fly zone, which the united states would erect, you enter that no-fly zone, you enter at your own peril. no more red lines, no more looking the other way. josh: a bold one from kasich as russia continues to conduct air strikes in that region. coming up at 6:00 a much lighter side of job kasich as he took part in candidate cafe and shared stories as well as a few laughs. also on the campaign trail today, ted cruz, the texas senator launched a two-day swing through the state at a faith conference in nashua this morning. let's bring in adam sex ton, sound like cruz is still trying to keep planned parenthood and abortion as issues. reporter: a strongly religious conservative and pro-life crowd this morning. but setting the issues aside, in a press conference following the event he took time to defend new
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voting status. add another candidate to the list, ted cruz flew cold water on the idea floated this week by the chairman of the republican national committee to change the current primary process. >> if we went to some system where we started in big states, expensive states, we'd have the selection of our president decided by a bunch of slick hollywood tv ads. that would be a catastrophic mistake. i can tell you on behalf of the people of texas, we are grateful for the role new hampshire plays. reporter: from there the texas senator pivoted back to the ongoing controversy regarding undercover videos that show how certain planned parenthood chapters sell body parts from aborted fetuses. cruz says the way the doctors move fetuses in the woman is a clear violation of federal law. >> it says something about just how corrupt this administration is that there is not a soul on earth who believes there's any
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chance the obama justice department would even begin to investigate. reporter: after trying to foment another government shutdown showdown over this debate, cruz took a peteing from his colleagues including senator ayotte. but cochair bob smith says now is the time for pro-lifers to take action. >> we get elected because we stand on principle. and when we don't stand up on principle, that's when we lose. and i'm not looking for a fight with senator ayotte, i'm not running for anything, but i think she's yong and i think that the people of new hampshire disagree with her on this. reporter: there are some liberty conservatives out there who feel that if donald trump gets tackled on the way to the republican nomination end zone, they think ted cruz is positioned well to pick that ball up and run with it. josh: and new jersey governor chris christie canceled an appearance in new hampshire today because of the hurricane that's moving outside the east coast.
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hold a town hall in greenland. tonight though he is with emergency officials in his home state where a state of emergency is in effect. let's go to hayley lapoint for a look at where hurricane joaquin is right now. hayley: the good news is it's far to the south, still, and will likely have no impact on the continental united states, which is great news. in the meantime though we still have some rain showers coming down in a few spots. want to take you to portsmouth where we do have light rain falling there, a few people walking around with their rain gear, and an umbrella or two. in weirs beach it's dry, but we're stuck with a lot of thick clouds. it's been one of those dreary days with thick clouds in place. with the exception of the northern part of the state, that's where there's been a little sun trying to break through, because it's farther away from the coast where the storm has been nestled in over the past couple days. feels like november, doesn't it? temperatures only got into the
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a brisk northeasterly wind it has felt quite chilly. it will be brighter on sunday. so that means we're going to get through another day of clouds tomorrow, and then joaquin, thankfully looks like it's just going to pass us by, well off the coast, maybe some extra movement to the ocean and might be a limb extra choppy out there early next week, but we should not have any other impacts from that storm which is some great news. temperatures now are on the cool side, we're still in the 50's, 53 in concord. 54 degrees manchester. 52 nashua. jaffrey only 49 degrees. with the winds that continue to be cranking out of the northeast, it feels much cooler than that. even some wind gusts up near 20 miles per hour there at the airport in manchester. as we go through time the winds really aren't going to settle all that much, even overnight. this is about 8:00 tomorrow morning, maybe you're getting up going to soccer games with your kids, football practice, you'll want to bundle up because not only will temperatures be in the
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have the winds cranking, you can see some gusts up near 30 miles per hour in manchester and by portsmouth as well. it will be relentless wind through the day tomorrow, and finally on sunday it will start to lull a little bit. but still quite gusty and breezy through the entire weekend. here's the situation on the sat light and radar, lots of clouds overhead. there were some breaks to the north, but those haven't been long lived, lots more clouds have filled in. even a few rain showers as well as we saw on the web cam from portsmouth, basically from portsmouth to hampton seabrook and along 101 and southward is coming down. it is mostly light, but it mayim pack any of your evening plans if you plan to be outdoors. here's the setup, we're going to have historic flooding going on in the southeastern part of the u.s., not from joaquin, but from here. we're continuing to get winds out of the northeast, that's why it's so cool.
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which has been downgraded to a category 3. and the latest track again takes it way out to sea, far away from us. only a small chance of this more westerly track here. but at this point looks like it will have no impact on us. through the rest of the weekend, lots of clouds, showers occasionally. sunday will be brighter. that's probably the day to be outside, maybe mo the lawn, go to the fair. anything you want to do, that will be the brighter of the two days. but still rather cool for this time in october. overnight tonight, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. it will be cloudy, and breezy, continues to be breezy even during the overnight tonight. maybe you're planning to check out the beautiful foliage color over the weekend. clouds actually aren't that bad for the forecast for leave peep, it can make the colors look brighter. a mix of sun and clouds by sunday. but again with the leaves russelling, the breeze will be
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josh: get out and see it because it happens fast. science has come a long way, but can a new type of pill really replace exercise? that story next. jean: and voters who have questions about presidential candidates naturally turn to the internet. at 5:30, we'll tell you which
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it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price
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of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. should have to choose they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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jean: researchers hope one day to save endangered animals from extinction with an idea called a frozen zoo. scientists at the university of georgia are teaming with zoo atlanta to build a genetic storm center to help preserve big cats and other species. the process involves taking cells from the skin of a sedated animal, then converting them into stem cells. could you replace all that time at the gym with a pill? josh: dr. timothy johnson tells us what researchers are exploring in today's medical minute. reporter: two and a half hours of moderate intensity exercise each week, strength training, we know the messages, but most people can't fit them in or have chronic health conditions, heart disease, obesity, injuries that prevent exercise. so some researchers wondered, could we ever replace the gym with a pill? a new review in the journal
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sciences explores various drugs, each mimics some aspect of what exercise does at the molecular level none of them targets all the pathways activated by exercise. so if you're hoping for exercise in a bottle, for now you just have to keep dreaming while you also keep moving. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. jean: you have to keep moving like that, too. another data breach is more unsettling than most, straight ahead these hackers got into the records of one of america's biggest credit agencies. josh: and there will be one less store open on thanksgiving day, imagine that, stay with us. jean: this squirrel busy getting ready for winter, you can submit your pictures and video.
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josh: mixed reaction to the new schedule for new hampshire's largest school district, we'll tell you what prompted the change. >> a strong breeze is making it feel quite cool heading into the weekend ask we're keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin.
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jean: granite state fish american will get more federal funds to help them stay afloat. josh: and which questions are most pressing in this primary election? google has a new angle on voter interest. josh: hurricane joaquin is churning up waves from the caribbean all the way up to new jersey. this category now three storms expected to cause big problems for some states. jean: here in new england looks like we're going to miss the worst of this storm. let's go to meteorologist hayley lapoint with the latest update. hayley: the 5:00 update shows us that the track will remain well to the east of even the entire eastern seaboard, which is great news. but as you saw there, the flooding that's going on especially in the southeast, is actually not part of joaquin at all. but there's going to be some
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historic flooding in places like south carolina, north carolina, other the weekend, from a separate system. that's actually bringing us rain right now in some parts of the state. here are the latest stats on hurricane joaquin, just downgraded to a category 3. still has very strong winds, up near 125 miles per hour. so this is the latest track as of 5:00, and you see it has moved even more to the east, away from new england. if we see anything it would be increased cloud cover monday night into tuesday and certainly some bigger waves off the coast. but that's about it. that's the good news. there are some rain showers coming down, basically along 101 from manchester and into the portsmouth area and south. but the rest of the state is dry at the moment. it latest be cool for friday night football. no doubt about it. you'll want at least a couple layers and maybe the rain gear if your game is in southern new hampshire. i'll have the full weekend's outlook and talk more about joaquin in a couple minutes. josh: stay with news 9 on the
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air and online to track hurricane joaquin's development. and you can download our free weather app for real time conditions at any hour. jean: the manchester school district is changing the hours students will go to school in the middle of the year. it's the result of a new teachers contract and it's expected to cut down on makeup snow days, and result in an earlier end to the school year. andy hershberger joins us live with what to expect. reporter: the change will affect 15,000 students in 22 schools and will go into place on november 30th. the school day will be getting just a little bit longer, as manchester converts from a days base to an hours based system at the end of next month. it's part of the most recent teachers contract, and the school district superintendent says there are advantages. >> there are lots of benefits to that, including that if we have three snow days we won't need to make them up at the end of the school year. it allows us to get out of school earlier. reporter: the state requires 180
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school days per year. under the hours system, slightly longer days will ultimately add up, meaning the year will end about a week ahead of schedule. while that all sounds good, there are some questions. jim o'connell is part of an advocacy group for parents and students. >> the biggest issue today is that we've started into a year, we're into month two, parents have created schedules and pickup and granny is picking up and jobs and work. reporter: he sees the benefits of the time change, but knows some parents may feel the release. >> i think that it would probably interrupt the morning routine, getting to work on time. it would probably make it a little difficult. i kind of like it the way it is, i think it works. >> i think it's a great change because we need to factor in the snow days because it's a pain to go to july. it hot in the schools, they don't have a.c., the kids get uncomfortable at the end of the
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my kids are all for it. reporter: school district official says if there are any questions the best thing to do is to contact your principal. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: a sanbornton man who pleaded guilty to burning a 9-year-old won't spend any time in jail. nicholas chase admitted he burned the boy's arm with a hot knife while cooking easter dinner, chase says he also put the knife on his own arm. the boy suffered second and third degree burns. the sentencing was postponed today because the mother could not be in court, but she has agreed to the plea bargain which does not require jail time. mascoma savings bank is contacting customers after skimming devices were found on two of its atm's. last night at 11:00 we showed a surveillance photo of a suspect and said it was taken at the atm in lebanon. it was actually from a machine in white river junction, vermont that had a skimmer attached to it. josh: new hampshire's supreme court has upheld a judgment against exxon mobil in a case
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jurors issued a $236 million judgment against the company back in 23013 for using an additive that contaminated state ground water. exxon mobil appealed on several grounds, including that it shouldn't be held responsible for mishandling by third parties like independent gas stations. today the supreme court rejected the appeal. this case prompted the longest hampshire. and new hampshire's fishing industry is getting a million dollar boost from the federal government. noaa announced the new funds to help commercial ground fishermen and for hire fishing vessels. this money is in addition to fishery disaster funds that have been released over the past two years. jean: officials from provincetown, massachusetts have been in portsmouth for two days to discuss possible high speed ferry service between the two cities. at city hall this morning, city and port officials from both talked about the benefits and the difficulties. discussion ranged from the positive impact on the tourists
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river's ledge legendary current. josh: millions of t mobile customers are being warned to check their credit, up next hackers get personal records through a major credit agency. jean: if you can't beat them, ban them, that seems to be amazon's newest strategy for its competitors. josh: while a lot stores expand hours on thanksgiving, one is saying no way, we'll tell you what staples will offer instead. hayley: and it feels more like november with temperatures as cool as they've been today. we do have a lot. rain on the map.
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who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world at a time when america needs to emerge and restore its no one really has that experience, except for maybe one. john kasich's for us. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this
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jean: the dow pick up 200 solid points to tend week at 16,472. the s&p up by 27. the nasdaq picked up 80 points to 4707. now let check your average gas prices. cell phone company t mobile says hackers have compromised 15 million customers' personal information. josh: that data includes social security numbers, home addresses
5:35 pm
and birthdays. t mobile says the hackers got access through experion which does credit checks for the company, they are now offering two years of monitoring and credit protection. amazon will remove apple and google chrome devices from its shopping platform. the product allows customers to easily watch amazon's streaming service. amazon will continue to sell streaming media devices that compete with its fire tv and fire stick, like x box and play station. jean: skype wants to help you chat with friends around the world. skype translator gives users real time translation in a choice of six spoken languages as well as 50 written languages. it's available now for windows desk top and will be rolling out soon to skype's mobile apps, and staples says no, its stores will not be open on thanksgiving day this year. the office supply chain opened
5:36 pm
years, but the company says its customers and employees should have the chance to stay home with family and friends. it will still offer online only deals on thanksgiving. and stores will open again at 6:00 a.m. on black friday. josh: so stock up on your staples before the holiday. jean: one pair of newlywed had a longer road to the altar than most. josh: that's because it started when they were just children, their story next. >> we under salem getting ready for friday night football, week number five. jean: the circus is in town,
5:37 pm
pe it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
5:38 pm
josh: put down your phone for a minute and give your sweety a kiss. a new study says that partner phone snubbing is hearting relationships. almost 50% of the people in that study say that if partners look at their phones while talking, but partners who don't have phones feel less important and more anxious about their relationship security when they don't get their loved one's full attention. jean: and one couple's future was mapped out 17 years ago when they were chosen to be the flower girl and the ring bearer in a wedding.
5:39 pm
adrian and mitsy wasn't too thrill pd the pairing way back when, he says brook got on his nerves. >> i was devastated. i was like no, i didn't want to walk down the aisle with her. she had a crush on me, but she got on my nerves, i can remember that. jean: well, their paths crossed again in middle school and this time they were both smitten and now they are newlyweds. sweet little story. we do have some rain falling in evening. may be wet for the friday night hampshire. first i want to show you what's happening outside, this is a live look in manchester, i wanted to show you this because on radar you can see green, meaning rain over manchester, but looks like the pavement there is dry. so the rain not quite making to it the greater
5:40 pm
manchester area, but you don't have to go much farther south to see the rain. here's the radar, can you see the thicker cloud cover especially in the northern part of the state, where it's really day. less sunshine, but in the southern part of the state, that's where we do have scattered showers, basically in a line from portsmouth to manchester, although not quite falling in manchester, and then in the far southern reaches of the state too. so probably for communities in places like derry, down into windham and salem, plaistow, seabrook, hampton, even ports mult, you've government some of this rain coming down as well as in milford and jaffrey too, light to moderate rainfall. look at these temperatures, this is cool even for early october standards. these were our high temperatures that we got today. only 54 in manchester, 53 in concord, 53 also in plymouth. it's going to be a cool night too, with the clouds it will keep the temperatures a little
5:41 pm
well below the average high for this time in october which is 66. it will continue to be too as we go through the weekend, bottoming out tomorrow with temperature only in the low 50's. 58 for sunday. and then we'll continue to make the climb as warmer air starts to move in early next week. and mid-week next week finally when we get a temperature above average, this is a huge change compared to where we were in september when it was so warm. now we're below the average, cooler than usual in most spots. cooler. 12 miles per hour at the airport in laconia right now, that's the sustained wind. it will be breezy throughout the evening hours too, high pressure up to the north and then low pressure off the coast. we're in the battle ground in between and the wind is coming down out of the northeast, funneling down, this is going to be a cool breeze. lots of rain to the south, but this high pressure will keep most of that rain in the southern part of the u.s. and away from us, other than a few
5:42 pm
of those showers in southern new hampshire. category 3 now hurricane joaquin will move to the north, and then make a bee line to the east and will not have any impacts on us here in new england. that's the good news. tonight lots of clouds, a few showers in the southern part of the state. and that will be the case too on saturday, maybe an occasional drizzle or shower for communities south of manchester. otherwise it's just kind a cloudy dismal cool almost november-like day. sunday is the brighter of the two weekend days where we'll crack out of the clouds and see some sun, and temperatures will respond to that. so it will be slightly warmer on sunday with highs in the upper 50's. tonight cloudy skies, there's a live look in plymouth with the beautiful foliage. temperatures in the 30's up north, 50's everywhere else. now, tomorrow for the deerfield fair if you're planning ongoing, it will be overcast and cool, but should be dry, same thing on sunday though a little bit more sunshine. next week we do warm up.
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like november, we're going to get back to october temperatures coming up. jean: thanks, haley. this next story is not a joke there's a real campaign under way to remind people they should not take selfies with bears. josh: dozens of these pictures have been popping up on social media. so one woman has started making stickers as a remind they're the animals should be appreciated, but from a distance. >> people don't realize that when you make these kind of pictures, when you get in close proximity to a bear, you're putting a bear's life in danger, not to mention your own. josh: she's worried that if people do get hurt, the animals will wind up being put down. jean: even if you can't make to it a safari yourself, there's a new way to see one of kenya's most famous attractions, a company called herd tracker is helping live stream the annual wildebeast migration.
5:44 pm
travel to greener pastures this time of year, including elephants and zebras. >> hi everybody, welcome live to salem, we're getting ready for friday night football, week five, should be a memorable night if for no other reason tonight weather. some heavy bands of rain coming through, so let me get out of the way. it tough to know that there's a football game about to happen here. right now the eagles have -- the sea gulls have the field. but they're warming up for the game now. then at this feel in an hour or so we'll have exeter taking on salem, that's a top 10 matchup, salem number four in the power poll. sale imis number five, so number four against number five. it's week five of friday night
5:45 pm
winnicunnet and timberlane a big one. all your scores and highlights tonight at 11:00. in terms of college football going on tomorrow, u.n.h. is home, they'll host elon, dartmouth is at penn. saint a's are home, plymouth state is also at home. we'll have more at 6:00 and we'll talk live with the coaches, and i promise it will be lively here. jean: we hope so. josh: one family vacation turned into quite the unexpected adventure. jean: but the biggest surprise was who got to do the adventuring. jennifer: just ahead at 6:00 an independent investigation, the call to action tonight from governor hassan after the attorney general identified concerning patterns with dcyf and recent child deaths. and the steps one town is taking
5:46 pm
>> just dropped completely out. he didn't have on his seat belt and his head actually damaged the aircraft. josh: that's the damage on an american airlines flight after a passenger's head hit the ceiling during turbulence. five passengers were hurt when the flight from grenada to miami hit the unexpected turbulence. american says the seat belt sign fortunately was on.
5:47 pm
turned into an adventure with a happy ending. jean: it all thanks to employees at a toronto airport where a young traveler got separated from her stuffed animal named ra-ra on the day that the passenger was to fly home, ra-ra woke up in an airport drawer, but employees got him on the move, first stopping at security of course, then helped him onto a moving sidewalk to reach his flight. and while waiting he took some time to cheer on the blue jays and made some friends. there were hugs as he left toronto. safely. it turns out that a lot of you are very interested in the height of potential presidents. josh: there's a new list of the most commonly googled questions about in year's candidates. perhaps looking to start a basketball team in d.c. for five candidates the top question is how tall are they. experience matters, apparently, as age is the most common query.
5:48 pm
candidates and for them the top question is who is he. for ted cruz, born in canada, the main question is how can he run. when it comes to martin o'malley, the most common question, believe it or not, is he a democrat or republican. i want to straighten that out. this is a compilation of questions from the summertime running. jean: you can see more at josh: thank you for joining us.
5:49 pm
josh: right now at 6:00 the governor orders an independent investigation into dcyf after recent child deaths, and what the attorney general calls concerning patterns. jennifer: a pres sentenced to
5:50 pm
walk free, why prosecutors won't be able to label him as a sex actually dangerous person. hayley: not the brightest or warmest weekend coming our way, how cool the temperatures will be and an updated track for hurricane joaquin coming up. josh: after the discovery of drug needles at an elementary school playground, a town is taking new steps to keep kids safe. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. josh: governor maggie hassan is launching a top to bottom review of the division of children, youth and families after a manchester toddler was murdered. good evening, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. the review will look at every aspect of dcyf. heather hamel is here with more on what the attorney general's office already found before the review has even begun. reporter: the attorney general calls them concerning patterns in several cases.
5:51 pm
he looked at case as his office
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